Friday, 30 October 2009

Day 7: Franz Josef to Fox Glacier & Lake Matheson

Travelled around a bit today. This morning we headed back up to the Franz Josef glacier for a closer look. No less awe inspiring the second time you see it. For today's trip we took a path up to a viewing platform, which offered uninterrupted views of the glacier and bordering mountains. If you download this image and print it out on a piece of paper 3km wide and then stare at it from a meter away, you'll get a feel for this thing.

Franz Josef glacier panorama.

From here we drove down to the Fox Glacier township, about an hour south of Franz. We'll be passing through tomorrow on the way to Queenstown, but it's a long drive so we thought we'd check out Fox today.

The glacier itself was hidden from view mostly, so I didn't snap any photos, but the rainforest walk was awesome. All of the trees are heavily moss draped, with all these little lichen growing all over them. Looks like something out of The Dark Crystal.

Then we grabbed some lunch and went down to Lake Matheson, also known as the reflection lake because so many photographers have taken photos across it, reflecting Mount Cook. In fact, everywhere we've been, that's about the only postcard you can buy. Apparently in the morning and evening the wind drops away, the clouds clear, and the lake itself becomes mirror-like. We got there right on midday though, so the opposite was true: the mountains were obscured in clouds, and the lake was choppy thanks to a strong afternoon wind, so I didn't take any photos of the lake itself, but I did take some photos in the area.

After the lake we drove back to Franz, and have been spending the afternoon resting. Not sure what we're up to tonight, and that's nice!

More flowers. I should make a calendar.
Or a magazine ad for tissues.

The river we followed to get to Lake Matheson.

A close-up of the mountains.

Heath poses again.


Blogger Nelly said...

Nice pic of the mountains with the dark tree in front for a stark contrast. Would look awesome as a big print :)

Lovin' your work <3

30 October 2009 7:00 PM  
Blogger Boon said...

Cheers!!! XD That's my favorite too! I really wanna print that one large. Got SO many photos to sort through when I get home, I'm just hoping there's some more surprises in there. Each day I dump my camera - between 400 and 1000 photos - onto my laptop and then just randomly select a few based on thumbnails, so I really haven't got much idea of what's in there. It's gonna be a full time job just to sort through them all ><

30 October 2009 7:23 PM  

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