Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day 11: Twizel to Christchurch

Like I said in the last post, drove to Christchurch today. It was a nice drive. Didn't have the kind of overwhelming "wow" of the rest of our travels, as we came down out of mountain country into fairly 'standard' farmlands and green hills. But it was still REALLY nice. Very green, very verdant. Drove past a lot of cute little farms nestled in cosy green valleys. If Queenstown was like little Switzerland, then Christchurch is little Ireland.

The city itself is deceptively large - when driving in, you never see much of the city, so it feels quite small. Until 20 minutes later you're STILL driving in. We're staying fairly close to the city center, so we strolled in for lunch. There's a lot of park land, fountains, heaps of trees. We crossed a pleasant little creek on which a gondola was ferrying tourists through the city, and the city itself is fairly lively. It has an old-fashioned feel to the layout of the streets, and is fairly dense with shops and restaurants and hidden malls and side streets. Cathedral Square at the center of the city is amazing, and the interior of the cathedral was impressive, we didn't look around the city too much as we're both pretty travel weary today.

Only one photo to show at the moment - a creek we crossed early this morning at Lake Tekapo.


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