Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day 12: Christchurch

We went into the city again today and rode the tram around. Really chilled out trip through the city, with a funny conductor who gave us witty, dry commentary on the sights of Christchurch. He kind of sounded like Stephen Fry, which just added to the experience.

We took a closer look at the cathedral, the art gallery, the museum and the botanical gardens. All attractions which were well worth a lot more attention than we gave them, but nevertheless it was a pleasant, slower pace than we're used to.

The botanical gardens especially are really impressive - they're HUGE, and you're barely through the gates before it feels like you're in the middle of nowhere. They make Brisbane's botanical gardens look like a dusty potplant. There's no sounds of the city, just miles of secret gardens (so GREEN!) and fields and ponds and paths through flowers and following meandering streams, rocky waterfalls and secluded lagoons. At one point, a friendly duckling came charging out of the water at me, dancing around my feet. Mumma duck was NOT impressed, flapping and dancing around, but then the three ducklings following her decided to mill about my feet too, and she just stormed around in a huff honking her bill at me. Very cute. Still, I moved on before she surpriseclawed my eyes out or some shit.

Not much else to tell - it was just a day of relaxation before we head off again tomorrow for Kaikoura. Only 5 nights left!

Catching the tram

This amazing statue is right beside the cathedral.

Statue detail.

Lots of statues around Christchurch.
Apparently, the birds like them.

Friendly duckling.


Blogger Ez said...

The Pic with Heath looks like one of those poignant ones from World War II, with the Poles leaving their country on tram trains. (just thought i'd throw that one in;)
Glad you guys are having a great trip.

5 November 2009 11:54 AM  
Blogger Ez said...

Try to smuggle the duckling into Australia, you will get to be on Border Security. So Cool!!!

5 November 2009 11:55 AM  

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