Friday, 6 November 2009

Day 14: Kaikoura to Picton

Yeah, I skipped Day 13, but nothing much happened. Summary: We drove from Christchurch to Kaikoura on the east coast. Very pretty, etc. etc. The glacial flour in the water made the coastline three distinct shades of blue, from a bright cyan/aqua colour, through to a rich, deep tropical blue. The beaches though are all rocks, so it's not quite perfect. Other than checking out the beach, we did very little, so:

Day 14, we woke up and before heading back to Picton, we drove down to the headland to where we'd heard seals sunbathe on the rocks. OMG *girly squeel* they're the cutest damn things EVER. They're HUGE (the big ones are about 1.5m long) and you can stand a few meters away from them. They crawl right up into the carpark on the headland, into the grass, on the rocks, whatever. And they seem to know when they're being photographed, because I SWEAR they have attitude. The big one I photographed kept opening one eye to watch me, and then when I was holding the camera up he'd snort or cover his head with his flipper. Another younger seal sat in the water and scratched and bathed and kept making a weird 'laughing' kind of sound.

There was a baby further out on the rocks, but the signs say something like "Stay away from the babies or you'll be ripped apart by seal teeth", so I just stayed near the carpark and strolled around getting (probably too) close to the seals to get photos. It was unbelievable how close I was, and how placid (and playful) they were. I took 350 photos of them. Most beautiful things ever. Until they yawn and you get a face full of seal breath, which nearly knocked me out. URGH.



Over the rocks, heading to the water...

This fella laboriously dragged himself off the rock
he was sunbathing on, flopped two meters away, and then
collapsed unceremoniously into the shallow water.

The younger one was a bit more playful.


Laughing at us.


Blogger Shelby said...

I'm so jealous that it hurts.

I think that the next time that you take a trip you should pack me up in your suitcase or something. I mean, do you *really* need that many clothes and deodorant and all that jazz? Ok, wait... you can keep the deodorant!

In the alternative, there are some really beautiful places here in the US, too, that typically, I, as an American, take for granted. I think, though, that having you and Heath along would help me appreciate some of the things I've already seen a time or two anew.

Sooo those are your choices. You pack me up in your luggage or you come here! xoxo

26 February 2010 5:05 AM  

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