Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day 9: Queenstown Skyline Restaurant

Just when I think this trip can't get any more mindblowing, we go book into the Restaurant at the End of the Universe Top of a Bloody Big Mountain. A hair-raising gondola ride up a sheer mountainside led to... well, the pics say it all really. Except not. I stood outside in the freezing wind for an hour taking photos, watching the sun fall beyond the mountains, the shadows sweep across the valley. The moment when the sun broke from the clouds was heartbreaking. 400 photos to sort through, but here's a few:

I know, I can't believe this place actually looks like this either.
Taken from the viewing platform at the Skyline restaurant.

Moments before the sun fell behind the western mountain range.
The full panorama stretches triple the width of this one, but
I trimmed it down to fit it on the page. Epic.


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